About me


I am a graduate from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point with extensive additional course work in user experience design. I have four years of experience as graphic designer, UI/UX designer, and fine artist. My experience working as the Graphic Designer for the Stevens Point Area Co-op throughout 2019 started my career as a professional graphic designer where I was responsible for in house and public design work such as ads, event posters, newsletters, and much more! I was also a member of the communications circle as I helped build and maintain the face of the Co-op. As a designer I always look at every new project as an opportunity to do something new. I enjoy utilizing original symbols, photos, unique compositions and typography to create meaningful work built from in depth research and understanding of a topic, audience, or concept. The UX side of me also strives to create work that will engage end users either visually or in unique and new physical interactions with products or interfaces. Aside from graphic design I am an avid mountain biker, rock climber, and hockey fan.

Hope to work with you soon,
-Ryan Chadderdon

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